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Christmas trees
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Santa Claus
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Christmas and traditions:
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We wish you a Merry Christmas
The world's most popular song that everyone sings
Jingle Bells
The snowmen sing the most beautiful Christmas song

Elvis sings Christmas
A Christmas song with the voice of Elvis
Santa extinguishes the fire
There is a fire in the fireplace

Home Decorations
A house party for Christmas
Theater with puppets
Santa and the Reindeer sing together

Drunk in the snow
Santa gets drunk and sings in the snow
Chorus Animals
All the animals sing for Christmas

Santa and reindeer sing
Santa Claus plays the piano and you have to sing along to the reindeer
Christmas coutry style
A Christmas party different from the usual

Christmas Eve
That's what happens on Christmas Eve
White Christmas
A lovely traditional Christmas song with a snowman singer

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