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Christmas trees
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Santa Claus
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Christmas and traditions:
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Snowflakes, beautiful music and lots of decorations for Christmas

Christmas decorations
Many beautiful decorations and a beautiful music to make the best wishes for Christmas
Christmas gift
At Christmas time all are happy to receive a nice gift

Christmas giftwrap
To make a nice gift to a man it takes a wrapping paper with Christmas designs
Christmas holiday
The Christmas holidays are the most beautiful of the year.

Christmas ideas
Christmas cards that show winter scenes and Santa Claus
Christmas music
One of the most popular music for Christmas.

Christmas ornaments
In many countries a common tradition is building Christmas cribs.
Christmas song
John Lennon sings one of the most beautiful and popular songs of Christmas.

Christmas time
Christmas pictures and music, with many sweet and adorable puppets
Merry Christmas
There is snow, there are lights, there is music. Christmas has arrived.

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